A downloadable game for macOS and Linux

Hi everyone! This is our Ludum Dare 41 entry! 

LDJAM41 GAME ENTRY: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/41/dance-invaders

World is in danger, in danger of deadly boredom! And, our mission as saviors from the other world is bring the DANCE to the humanity, to save their souls!

Controls are simple: 

  • W/A/S/D for movement
  • Press and maintain SPACE to launch the DANCE RAY. 
  • With the ray activated, reproduce the rythm of the human in your control panel to save. If you press the wrong key... well, Boredom is a lethal enemy.


DanceInvader_v1.0_windows.zip 17 MB
DanceInvader_v1.0_mac.zip 26 MB
DanceInvader_v1.0_linux.zip 41 MB